Friday, 8 July 2011

Another Roadside Attraction

From leisurely bathing in the hot, milky sulphur waters of the Blue Lagoon to climbing behind the crystal clear mountain waterfalls of Seljalandsfoss, from eagerly anticipating the sporadic eruptions of bubbling and steaming Strokkur to the powerful force felt from the constant flowing glacial waters of Gullfoss, and from strolling the vibrant streets and shops of Reykjavik to skirting the ashen base of the now quiet Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland's attractions are spectacular and extraordinary.

So, like us, if out and about and seeking good cake, warm hospitality and some shelter from the roaring wind and lashing rain of the south Icelandic coastline, Bakkabrim Organic Cafe is another roadside attraction not to be missed. Perched on the beach overlooking the old harbour of Eyrarbakki, Bakkabrim may not offer hotdogs and a petting zoo! but instead serves delicious homemade soups, bread, picnic baskets to go, and possibly the best vegan berry tarts ever.

On our travels we have sorely missed some alternative to the petrol station hamburger food culture that prevails in this country...We had this nice idea that people would just start coming and that they would tell their friends and so forth, that it would just grow and we could just focus on cultivating the building and our service...We don’t want it to expand into something that will outgrow its original purpose and charm but that it should be self sustaining. Our dream is to invite and provide activities for people to come here and enjoy the local scenery, be it bird watching or walking on this tremendous beach. Also to be able to do some cultural events such as photography exhibition on the fisheries that were here. - David, who owns Bakkabrim with his wife Arna (maker of the delicious tarts)


  1. Lois, it sounds like you have had a wonderful holiday! Are you back already? I would personally love to go to Iceland. I am certain it offers attractions you wouldn't find in any other part of the world.

  2. Amazing places! I'd love to visit Iceland too, this little café seems a sure shelter! :D

  3. It sounds great.... makes me want to go too!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Thanks to our lovely friends in Iceland, my daughter had the most incredible two week stay and has decided next time she will do the flight on her own. Me? I would do the flight on my own, anytime!

    I have many more wonders of Iceland to share but, again, thanks to the kindness and hospitality of friends, I am off to Italy tomorrow with my children for a short break to stay with friends and enjoy the beach.

    Again, be back soon x

  5. Hope you still read this ...

    I am staying in this beautiful cottage along a river, just outside Ault along the coast of Picardy. In the evening I am wearing the wonderful purple dress you made me to stroll along the seaside boulevard...

    Have a wonderful and relaxing time lois!

  6. This sounds incredible! Not just the places, but alone the names...
    And I would go far for a lovely bakery! And how human and lovely is the statement of purpose from the owners!
    Enjoy your vacation Lois!
    Greetings to you and your family! <3



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