Saturday, 20 August 2011

2011 International Photography Awards

Nature: Arial
Drought and Flooding Rains by Melissa Powell

Advertising: Beauty
Surreal Dreams by Rus Anson

Achitectural: Buildings
Untitled by Manuel Consentino

Fine Art: Collage
Tate People by Luca Di Filippo

Nature: Underwater
Life Aquatic by Chuck Bradley
Advertising: Food
Falling Foods by Trevor Pearson

Advertising: Fashion
Women of History by Peter Lippmann
...more beautiful photographs at the Winner's Gallery


  1. How fun, and curious to know more--will go to that link...

    Thanks, Lois for the preview!

  2. So intriguing! ...going to have a look at those works, thanks Lois!

  3. Ooooh these are great... I really love the composition of the first x



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