Sunday, 28 August 2011

Couch Fest Films is a 'cozy shorts film fest' hosted in people's living rooms all over the world. On September 24, each home taking part in the festival will screen a unique programme of short films every hour. To encourage festival goers to visit as many home screenings as possible, places such as Reykjavik have conveniently located the house screenings as near to each other as possible so it is possible to walk or cycle between the venues. A short intermission between the screenings will allow for 'discussion and socialising.'

Although the deadline for hosting a screening in 2011 is closed, there is still time to submit a film for screening at this year's festival. The film must be less than 8 minutes long, 'must not suck', and 'while viewers might be sitting on a couch to watch your film, there is no requirement for your film to have a couch in it.'

via (Laughing Squid)


  1. I did that once, Lois, when I was in my was a whole day of Mad Max films--the people were a little strange, but I guess I was too. I didn't even know who Mad Max was, but as I was invited I went, and it was an education! :-)

  2. I think their caption sums it up perfectly - 'strangers in your house' and 'awkward'. And a whole day of Mad Max sounds...mad!!



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