Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Precious Light

is a 'contemporary imagining' of the King James Bible in collage, sculpture and words by Scottish artist, David Mach.

Exhibited over five floors, one floor will focus on the words and language of the Bible while another floor will show the artist at work as he and his team create a decoupage of the Last Supper. 

Golgotha - sculptures created from coat hangers


Jacob's Ladder

Also unveiled at the exhibition will be two of Mach’s distinctive match-head sculptures depicting Jesus and the Devil. Five times the size of a human head and built from thousands of coloured match-heads, the sculptures will be set alight in performances by the artist in Edinburgh. Following a stabilisation process, the charred remains will be displayed in the exhibition.
- City Art Centre

Jesus Christ
(However, after these plans caused controversy, the burning was performed behind cosed doors.)

David Mach - Precious Light: a celebration of the King James Bible 1611 - 2011
until 16 October 2011 


  1. What a gorgeous artist!
    A live experience of this exhibition must be totally impressing. unbelievable!!! the beaded devil!

    Thanks for showing this Lois!
    have a great week, though summer ending....

  2. Viktoria, a long time ago in Glasgow, I saw one of David Mach's installations where he had set up scenes of garden gnomes and teddy bears wielding household utensils. A very, very old and rather posh lady came up to me as I was looking at one particularly nasty teddy and said to me 'Isn't he wonderful? And I just love his name.' Grizzly Little F***** and more Mach sculptures can be seen here


  3. Such a performance piece--I would surely love to see it. I cannot imagine the feeling he will have to see his work go up in flames. Unbelievable. I like his compassion which shows through his sculptures.



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