Sunday, 21 August 2011

A Very Brief Tour Guide of Dumfries and Galloway

13th Century Caerlaverock Castle and moat - and posing for third album cover
Rockcliffe, Colvend Coast
Port Logan Fish Pond - a Victorian fish larder. A tidal pool created from a blow hole formed during last ice age.
Threave Castle - only accessible by boat
Rockcliffe - a cliff walk
And my son looking so, so happy - in Italy!!


  1. Your post really makes me longing for scotland!
    Must be a wonderful trip in a sunny fall.
    ( Italy is great too, it seems!)

  2. Viktoria, this is the guide...omitting the rain! However, when the sun does shine, this is a truly beautiful and 'undiscovered' part of Scotland.

  3. I've only heard wonderful things about Scotland. Actually, I have three guides to Scotland, including a map of Orkney and the Western Hebrides, plus Ben Nevis, the Highlands, ...!!! Does this indicate anything? I've never been there, but I've heard May is the best time of year. Is this so?

  4. The light in these pictures is wonderful! Beautiful pictures and that fish pond is amazing!

  5. A very good question, Dawn, since we can get all seasons in one day...but, usually!?, May and September are the best times weather wise. And for hiking, obviously not the munros of further North but more rolling hills, there is always the Southern Upland Way - just walked a tiny part of it on this visit but would love to do a three day walk - staying in some b&bs along the way!

    And Lucie, it is the light that makes this place very special and which I love the most.

    And the fish pond is spectacular. The owner requested that I did not post any of my photos - they live in the fisherman's cottage and they are concerned about their privacy - so the photo is from their website. The pond was full of fish and although they regulate the tide water coming in now, in Victorian times the tide would fill the pond up to the very top. All the fish in the pond were caught and stored there until needed by the big house (a mile or so away) for their tea. The other pool you can see in the bottom left hand corner was the Victorian's bathing pool which also filled up when the tide came in.

  6. everything looks so romantic, like being in a Jane Eyre novel...

  7. What great images, I can see the light is beautiful. And the colors are just what you think they would be in Scotland.

    I think the last sentence on the homepage of the fish pond is very funny: Dogs allowed when not too busy.



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