Sunday, 25 September 2011

Calum McClure

Yesterday, the weather was beautiful here too. A warm breeze for late September and the light a soft, muted glow. And as I walked up the hill on my first day out in over a week, I saw this painting in a gallery window and had to go in


Since then Calum has gone on to win the prestigious Jolomo Award and now has his first solo exhibition since graduating in 2010 at The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh. 

Mostly concerned with the 'atmospherics and memory' of places such as botanical gardens, cemeteries and country estates, Calum states that he 'hopes to capture these places at quiet moments when nothing specific is happening, so it is the place alone that holds the viewer's attention.'

Although his use of 'beautiful detail and drawing' has been compared to such artists as Albrecht Durer and Andrew Wyeth, it is Calum's 'unusual choice of subject matter' that sees him as 'ploughing his own furrow.'

Winter Sun
McClure says that in setting out to paint the Scottish landscape he was determined to avoid the "kitsch version of Scottishness" which celebrates hills and glens. "Some people are negative about landscape painting, saying that it's old hat. But I think it's more than pretty pictures, it can capture the atmosphere of a place."- The Scotsman
His beautiful paintings certainly capture my attention and, obviously, the attention of many others too, as they are nearly all sold.

Calum McClure
7 Sept - 1 Oct 2011


  1. Glad to hear you are up and about Lois!
    These paintings are wonderful I understand why you like them ... the painter is right in saying he captures the atmosphere of a place ...
    I especialy like the whites in his paintings.

  2. Great you're feeling better Lois! Now it's my turn !
    These paintings are so beautiful, thanks for sharing ;)

  3. Oh, Lucie I really hope you feel well soon. Hopefully, the sunshine and warmth forecast for this week will aid a quick recovery x

    And yes, Marion, still have a horrible cold but I am up out of bed.

    Calum's paintings are beautiful. And I noticed him at the graduate show because his work stood out. Great to see his success.

  4. these are beautiful in their quiet stillness and their painterliness. Although that top painting, the one that drew you in, looks almost photographic. Thanks for sharing these, Lois. it's great to hear of a successful show too!

  5. woah, i love his work.
    thanks for sharing :)



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