Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Gorgeous Fabric, Lovely Dress Pattern

But just not meant for each other!

I know the look on my face is the same look I have in every photo
 but this time, I really am not very happy!
Too many checks, loose weave fabric, fraying fabric, too many lines to match up, forgetting to strengthen the neckline edge, strengthening the front facing too much, my lack of patience...

Sometimes a dress just doesn't work out...


  1. I like it though... I don't see what your expert eye sees!

  2. Oh, Lucie if you could see it close up...I deliberately didn't get too close in the photo.

    It didn't help that the check lines on the fabric are not straight due to the loose weave of the fabric - and since the dress has a lot of straight lines to it - even when I did line up all my lines they all look wonky...Forgetting to strengthen the front neckline didn't help either (It is hanging so low you can see my white boobs!) Aaagh! Good thing is lessons have been learned and next dress will be better!!!

  3. really gorgeous fabric and pattern, I know what you mean, I´m a perfectionist too ..
    Anyway it looks good and one thing I know : the next one will be breathtaking!

  4. Thanks for the insight in your sewing techniques Lois!
    I find it real interesting to see, like Lucie I don't see everything you say but I do see the dress is not "working" for you ...

    Wishing you more luck with the next one...



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