Saturday, 10 September 2011

Keeping It Real

with the Walkers of Pottergate 'team'.

Karen, Louise, Becky and Anne
Set up in 1990 by Anne Rowe with 'no formal fashion experience, but bags of mis-placed theories and heartfelt enthusiasm!', Walkers not only offer an amazing selection of unique clothing in their Norwich based shop but they also ship worldwide, offer 'lots of extra measurement service' and have the 'biggest variety of Rundholz Black Label in the UK!'.

A dress, a jacket and a skirt are in my shopping bag...


  1. what a great place, great clothes!

  2. I have been admiring their selection of clothes for ages and have just been waiting for the new autumn/winter lines to come in. And, yes, I bought a dress. The skirt and jacket will have to wait until next month...fingers crossed they are stil there!!

  3. Beautiful designs! I'm drooling over this knit ...

  4. Thanks for sharing this webshop Lois!
    Oska is a favourite of mine and ofcource Rundholz is too ...



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