Friday, 2 September 2011

A Piece Of Cake

Trick Birthday Pizza Cake
via Laughing Squid

I think I would have found it difficult to hide my disappointment for as much as I love pizza, at the moment, I seem to be loving cake a wee bit more, perhaps a wee bit too much!

So, inspired by the Pudding Clubs being held in local pubs to sweeten up the evening's drinking, I immediately thought 'Cake Club', here, once a month to try, to test, to share and to enjoy a piece of cake. So...

September's Cake
...comes from Denis Cotter's for the love of food and since this cake is in the breakfast section of the book and served with yoghurt and fruit salad, it must be good for you!?

Download September's Cake recipe 

All monthly recipes will be posted on the A Piece of Cake  (I have turned recipe cards into pdf files so they can be downloaded) where comments, suggestions and cake recommendations for next month can be left.

Any excuse to try, test and share a piece cake...


  1. mmm love to try one piece of cake....and together with the fruit salad maybe a second piece...

  2. well that's a great recipe as my son is dairy & wheat intolerant so this is perfect. Plus I am due to take a cake round to a party tomorrow evening. Sorted, thank you.

  3. Betsy, not sure how the pizza was as the post didn't say!

    Niki, if you managed to make the cake I would love to know what you thought of it.

    I have turned the recipe cards into pdf files so if you click on the link you can download them.

    And, my 10 year old daughter did make the cake...I will leave a review of the cake on the cake club page.

  4. Polenta ... how interesting! The ingredients sound good. Thanks also for the tip about the vegetarian cookbook.

  5. Marion, Denis Cotter has about five cookbooks and this one is the newest one for us. On first glance all his recipes look daunting: long list of ingredients and long preparation process. However, if you read through the lovely description and break the recipe down into smaller parts, the recipes are totally worth the little bit of extra time. Very unique combinations of food and so delicious, every time.

  6. Yes! I made it this morning as M&D are coming for lunch. I've just had a sneaky piece off the edge and I loved the slightly chewy crust and the silky sweet syrup (house smells nice too) and the spiced fruit salad really cuts through so I rate this very highly and will make again - good Autumnal colours too! Thank you for telling me about it :)

  7. Ooh, you make me want to have a piece right now. Hope all enjoyed it. Thanks Niki.



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