Thursday, 15 September 2011

Yes, That Is A Smug Smile!

Still unable to list it in my shop as it has undergone too many delicate (actually some quite major) adjustments, but it will make a perfect work dress.

I would love to make more of these dresses in this wool and silk mix fabric now that I know what I'm doing! And I think they would look great layered over the top of a longer skirt and worn with a really big chunky scarf...

Ok, now to get back to working on something I can list in my shop.


  1. I really love it!!! and you wear it perfectly! Yes, layering is great and with black I find it the best!

  2. Thanks Lucie! I knew the dress was too nice to give up on so I'm glad I had another go at it this morning. It is not exactly as I envisioned it but I have learned some lessons on how to work with this fabric.

    I am now starting to work on a skirt to layer underneath this style of dress so hopefully once I have that finished and find some new fabric I will have something to show and sell soon!

  3. The dress looks much better know and you look also more satisfied!
    The combination with the boots is perfect!!

  4. looks perfect! and gorgeous combination!

  5. The boots are my new Dr Martens for this winter and next, and the next...I love all my Dr Martens but they never wear out making it hard to purchase yet another pair! However, since the last pair I bought was in 1995, I thought it was ok to buy a new pair...and these ones have a zip on the side so no more 14 holes to lace up.

  6. A really nice dress Lois. I did not expect you would fix it, I thought you were totally fed up with the dress... But is was really worth it.
    Yes I like the boots too!

  7. Marion, I was so fed up that this didn't work out as I could see it so clearly in my head. So when I awoke the next morning I worked on it until I achieved something I knew I could at least wear. Hope to make perfect ones this week!!



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