Thursday, 8 September 2011

Yosoou 2011-2012 Collection

Yosoou 2011-2012 

(image via cool e chic style fashion


  1. How amazing these "You and Me" models...
    This old lady gives the trend of using "older" models a whole new twist!

  2. I like this idea of using "you and me" models, brilliant!

  3. Yesterday on

    a discussion was started on the age of models and the search for models over the age of 40. It was just by chance that I was going to post this today and it fits perfectly with the topic.

    They look like they are having so much fun!

  4. How funny ... do you think they found any and are going to show us in an other post? Well... they found one, didn't they ... you! That was nice of Alyn to mention you.

    Every few years this discussion starts up. There used to be a glossy magazine in the U.S. called LEAR'S. The magazine had something to say other than wich lipstick to use and was for women over 40. The magazine didn't last very long. I still have the last issue from 1990. It has Lauren Hutton on the cover and Lauren says: "It took five years to get past 40. I had to stop whining in my mind"

  5. I've been meaning to post something in the etsy forums about featuring some over 40 featured artists for a change. It would be so refreshing to get a perspective from those who have gone the distance and hopefully picked up a few tips along the way... Ah, the youth culture...Thanks for the timely post, Lois!

  6. Now you know what I look like (guess which one)



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