Monday, 10 October 2011

'Architecture of the Mind'

The simple, beautifully structured ruffles, pleats, frills and photography of Sanne Jansen.

"Architecture of the Mind"

"Home is where the Heart is"
Audax Textile Museum, Tilburg
And her gorgeous collaborations with Dutch photographers Suzanne Jongmans and Marjan Holmer

pictures by Suzanne Jongmans

pictures by Marjan Holmer


  1. I've gone wider! But not too sure of it yet.

  2. Snapshots are great..., but I love it when pictures are directed in that artful way ! gorgeous finds!

  3. Beautiful... !

    I like wider, more space for larger images... which i am always a sucker for... :) x

  4. I like the "avantgarde" approach of Sanne Jansen...
    WIDER! ... yes I think it is nice Lois, what are you not sure about?

  5. I guess I thought the images looked too big and this made the layout/balance of the page look wrong.

    I will try it for a wee while and see how it goes.
    Thanks for the feedback.

  6. always, you highlight truly amazing artists. Love that glass of milk and the plain white shirt--though it's not plain at all!



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