Thursday, 13 October 2011

Cloud Nylon

Using nylon monofilament, looking to the structures of the natural world, mathematics and science for inspiration and employing the techniques of knitting, weaving, crocheting and knotting - The Jewellery of Nora Fok.

Clear, knitted nylon

"I saw a photograph of water drops hitting the surface to form a crown: a magic moment I love to capture in nylon."

Million Dollar Collar
Threaded artichoke seed parachutes with clear nylon

Princess Pagoda
Woven, clear nylon

"The pagoda, a symbol of Chinese culture, combined with the conservatories that house the specimens inspired me to visualize the head piece."

Walking Onions
knitted, knotted clear nylon

"Walking onion (Allium cepa aggregatum) is grown for its shallot-like, onion-flavoured clusters of bulbs borne in place of flowers. The stalks eventually flop over and the little onions can take root and ‘walk’ across the ground as each generation moves further from the mother plant."

Cloud Nylon is now on tour in the UK


  1. This work is so poetic and delicate!!! I'm really impressed and I particularly like the One million dollar collar, I love it! Thank you Lois for sharing your discoveries!

  2. Absolutely fabulous! What a jewellery, realy amazing creations ... and great photography too.
    I am of to her website...

  3. Amazing work and photography! The One million dollar collar is beautiful, i am wondering if it feels soft...

  4. I agree, Lucie, really beautiful!

    Marion, I was searching your blog yesterday because I was sure that I first saw her work there...

    And her website is worth visit as she describes in detail the ideas and inspirations behind all of her pieces.

    And Erica, not sure how soft the nylon would be but she does manage to make it look so fluffy in the necklace.

  5. Amazing! Thanks for finding and sharing all these wonderful, inspiring artists all the time!!!



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