Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Coiling is the ancient tradition of making pots by rolling lengths of clay into snake like coils, stacking them and smoothing the layers together to create a strong structure. In her work, contemporary ceramic artist Cheryl Ann Thomas, uses this technique to 'construct, sabotage and reconcile' these amazing sculptures.

I build carefully balanced columns by coiling tiny ropes of porcelain clay. They retain the imprint of my hand. These precarious columns are too tall and thin to withstand the heat of the kiln. They are compromised and collapse during the firing process. These kiln 'accidents' are coupled and reconstructed in a second firing. The chance outcome is left unaltered.

Relics are the remains of a human intervention. The evidence hardens into a permanent record of my interaction with the material.
- Cheryl Ann Thomas


  1. Unbelievable work! Before I started reading I thought the first picture were fabrics...
    Thanks for pointing us to this interesting artist Lois.

  2. Wow! I also thought these amazing sculptures were made out of fabric, the texture she creates is so rich!

  3. I thought they looked like they were made from raffia ribbon. I especially like the first one.

  4. Hard to believe that these are sculptures made of clay....amazing artist!



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