Friday, 14 October 2011

It's Friday...

Another week:  looking after my very unwell little girl, attending my very talented son's awards ceremony for music and making some new hats!

And contrary to what some (Douglas) might believe, I don't think the image on the left makes me "look mad in a Mia Farrow kind of way" at all!!?

...have a great weekend x


  1. Awesome and stylish hat! And already sold! Bravo!
    Congrats for your son and I hope your daughter will be better.
    Why should you look "mad in a Mia Farrow kind of way"?!!!? I wonder if this compliment is due to your fabulous curly hair? In a time when a lot of women spend time and money to straighten their hair and damage it, it's almost a rebellious act to have wild curly mops as we have, haha! :D

  2. Thank you, Jan! Yes, I love this hat and it has just sold!!

    Oh, Lucie, I try not to listen to Douglas, too much...but he does make me laugh! He knows how I hate having to take these photos and how long it takes me to get one in which I don't look angry, sad, mad...

    And having wild, curly hair...oh, definitely a blog post there!

  3. A very small one mind you, but it is a smile Lois!
    And the hat sold in a minute, so you have to even practice more to look like Mia Farrow ... Those hats are great Lois!

    Hope the weather is as nice in Scotland as it is overhere ... frost in the morning though. Al the best for Edie!

  4. I am so pleased you like your hat Dawn. Today's weather here has convinced me that I need a new one. It is freezing!



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