Monday, 3 October 2011

Layering With A Blouse

and a wool skirt.

Both worn underneath my wrap dress.

An idea and work in progress.


  1. Ooh very chic ! I like it very very much Lois, this black fabric (is that silk taffetas?) is perfect with your beautiful wrap pattern, I love the combination!

  2. Thank you Lucie! The black fabric is actually cotton poplin and I added an extra band on to the bottom to give it a little bit more structure. I was hoping to get outside and take some photos but since we have gale force winds and pouring rain, since my daughter is ill in bed and I am painting my son's bedroom, I will have to wait until next week!

    I hope you have recovered and feeling well.

  3. Lois, what a beautiful image these creations makes... Can't wait to see the purple skirt!

    Out weather is still sort of nice, I guess that is just calm before the storm. Wish Edie all the best!

  4. Wow, the dress has a personality of its own - it exudes confidence & power and femininity. Very clever.

  5. Love layering! This is a great look, Lois. Is the blouse yours as well?? I'm in wool socks today. brrrrr...

  6. Thank you for the great feedback!

    Yes, Betsy, the blouse is one of mine too. The one in the photo is made from a very fine cotton voile so it is semi sheer and very soft. and not warm enough to be worn on its own for this weather. Yes, it is cold here too. Winter is definitely on its way.

    Thanks, Marion, Edie is still in bed ill but she is feeling a wee bit better.

    Hopefully next week will be a more productive work week!
    Hope to



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