Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Pinafore in Bay Leaf Green

Not finished: the front hem has to be cut straight with the back left hanging slightly lower. 

The bust line sits high across the middle of the bust and the back skirt folds over towards the front concealing the side seams.

Hoping to have it finished and photographed this week.


  1. I like very much the color and the pattern already! What is the fabric? I'm looking forward to see it modeled!!

  2. Beautiful! Will you make it in different colors too?

  3. I started this dress a few weeks ago but due to my daughter being ill and then school holidays I just haven't had a chance to complete it.

    Lucie this dress is made from a very soft viscose which is why the dress hangs so beautifully.

    And, yes, Victoria, if I can find other suitable fabrics for this dress I would love to make it in different colours and sizes as it works really well worn with a blouse that I make.

  4. Looking good ... hope you find the time to finish it soon!



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