Monday, 24 October 2011

A Pinafore

This time finished and photographed.

The pinafore is shown worn with one of my blouses

and layered over a wool tweed skirt.

 And I changed my mind about the hem: I cut the back straight and raised it at the front because I like the idea of layering it with other skirts, petticoats and dresses and this way you see them underneath.


  1. I love the way the pinafore fits, with the buttons (I know they are not buttons, but I can't find the english name...sorry) in front. That's a brilliant idea the front raised so as to see the layer underneath, I like it very much. And I love the series of picture taken in front of the black wall, with the music sheet it has a painting quality about it :D

  2. Thank you Lucie.

    The idea for the pinafore came from a skirt I was making. As I pulled it over my head it got stuck on my bust and well, I liked it! I decided to keep the hook and eye opening I had in the skirt as a detail on the front .

    The photos were an experiment in front of my son's newly painted black bedroom wall. I forgot to move his music stand out of the way...

  3. The music stand looks perfect in this picture!
    Gorgeous, very special design!

  4. Aah ... a new dress and a new photographic look ... both exceptional and beautiful!

    And do I see a purple skirt peeping out?



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