Friday, 28 October 2011

Recreating Masterpieces

Last year I took part in a photographic shoot by visual artist and photographer Lindsay Perth.

Lindsay recreated and photographed iconic images only using women with an aim to "question how we understand gender types and male/female 'characters' in documentary photography."

Lindsay Perth's remake of Robert Capa's
"The Falling Soldier"
With the project Remake, the aim is to 'put all your creative energy into re-creating and re-staging' a famous work of art using photography.

Jesse John Hunniford's remake of Grant Wood's
"American Gothic"
Ewa Wiktoria Dyszlewicz's remake of Jaques-Louis David's
"The Death of Marat"
Nienke Zondervan's remake of Vermeer's
"The Girl with the Pearl Earring"
All this talk of Vermeer and Norman Parkinson has got me inspired!

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  1. I love your latest photos, Lois, where you have the Vermeer light down to perfection. I love insinuating a different era, art, and artist's ideas into a photographic shoot. It is something that excites the viewer. Especially me!



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