Tuesday, 18 October 2011

'Taking the Chair'

In their first collaboration, mother and daughter, Caroline and Maisie Broadhead, have chosen seven masterpieces by such painters as Vermeer, Magritte and Velazquez in which a chair has a prominent presence. Caroline creates the chair and Maisie then uses the chairs in her photographic recreations of the original paintings.
The chair is more than an object in these paintings. It is a catalyst for the human action that takes place and it carries the various narratives. Over the last few years Caroline Broadhead has made a number of works that are based on a chair. She has a strong interest in the numerous associations this piece of furniture provokes. Inspired by the often empty, upturned or ‘about to be sat on’ chairs in the paintings, she has transformed second hand chairs that operate somewhere between an image and an object.  - Marsden Woo Gallery  
A Young Woman Standing at a Machine
Image via Kleidersachen


  1. I already knew Maisie Broadhead work, but didn't know the mother. Their collaboration is brilliant! I wish I could go and visit this exhibition!!!

  2. Me too, Lucie. From what I understand the chairs made by Caroline are displayed next to Maisie's images.

    I first spotted this image when Kleidersachen posted it and what struck me was that you usually sit down at your sewing machine and the young girl wasn't. I find the image intriguing.

  3. Intriguing is the word I like to use too, because that's what came to mind when I saw the image on Tumblr. And obviously because of the sewing machine I thought about you Lois ...

    I know the name of Caroline Broadhead for a long time, she used to be a jewelry designer, lived in Amsterdam for some time and it was there she moved on to making garments and textile works. Amzing all the diffrent things she does...



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