Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Giger's Goddess

Malgorzata Dudek's Spring/Summer collection - an homage to Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger.

When I started sketching this collection and planning the fabrics, I couldn't see it complete without elements of H.R. Giger's artwork. And what better way for me, as a designer, to honor a man whose Biomechanical vision has massively influenced architecture, film, music, tattoo art, fashion and industrial design - Malgorzata

Malgorzata adapted H.R Giger prints and transferred them onto fabric.


  1. I've always loved style photos like this, when they show references to larger influences...stunning pieces made even more so.

  2. Oh, I love that last image! The colors and the shape!
    Such influences are important, they take away the seriousness of the fashion business and become playful! I love that!

  3. Beautiful, thank you for sharing. I am starting a google search for H.R. Giger!!!

  4. Love the last two images - stunning!

  5. Unbelievable what a challenge to be inspired by a surrealist! It worked very well ...the print in the fabric of the dress in the last image is just beautiful



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