Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Paisley Print Dress

Liberty of London Paisley Print Dress


  1. Lois ... what beautiful fabric, the mustard color with the blue and pink is very special ... this design dress like the blue one suits you like a glove...

    We are living in a world of fog for the last 2 days, dark and cold, I even wear legwarmers!

  2. Thank you Marion...mustard! I could not think of the colour.

    I loved this fabric the minute I saw it and I bought it all. Unfortunately most of it went on this dress. The fabric is heavier than a lawn but lighter than a poplin and a very narrow width. I think it was originally filed under craft fabrics but I found it mixed in with the other Liberty lawns and I had to have it.

    Again, the dress is quite simple but I interfaced the bottom band of the dress so that it would be more structured - so that the hem sits out slightly rather than just hang. My photos don't really show the shape!!

    And I am just in - and it is so beautiful here today and so warm. Makes a change because yesterday it was dark all day and the day before that I needed leg warmers and gloves.

  3. Lois, the cuts of your creations are so very beautifully concieved...I hope someone treasures what a steal this is, being that it is entirely and lovingly created by hand, a one-of-a-kind handmade item...!!!

    And the colors are magical!

  4. Thanks Dawn!

    I actually managed to get this fabric in the sale so I was able to keep the price low - which I don't get to do very often - especially with Liberty and Tweeds!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Love your swinging style!

  6. Totally love those colors!! XO!



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