Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A Process - Sketching

And this is the point where I wish I could say, "and now I draw this, a beautiful fashion illustration." 

by Kat Macleod

But I don't because, well, I can't!!

Instead, scattered throughout numerous books, on the back of napkins and many scraps of paper, my simple sketches help me to work out a design idea or remind me of a particular detail I like. Not quite a technical drawing as they are not in proportion nor do they show all the stitching detail, however,  I do annotate these 'flat' drawings and use them to work out the basic shape and construction of the piece I want to make.

As part of the process, the creation of working drawings is important. I may not always take my time over them or even remember where I drew them, but they are essential for getting the ideas in my head down on paper in a simple, clear format.

A good resource to help with drawing and understanding this part of the process is Technical Drawing for Fashion by Basia Szkutnicka


  1. Your drawings look pretty good to me. I think I even recognize the wrap dress in one of your sketches...But I understand the wish to draw like the first illustration...

  2. Great to see your sketches! They are perfect for imagination!

  3. Oh my ... drawing ... I have a college jeweler and he can draw really well, he even makes beautiful paintings of his ideas and sells his jewelry based on these.

    But I agree with Erica, your drawings look fine Lois!

  4. My English is gone again ... What I meant to say is colleague and not college.

  5. Preparatory sketches are so intimate, thank you for sharing yours!

  6. When I realised I was going to have to show some of my scribbles as part of 'a process', I was tempted to sit down, take my time and do some proper, better drawings but then that would be misleading! This part of the process for me is purely to jot down an idea and most get lost or thrown away once I start to work on my pattern.

  7. I love your sketches! That's how I work too, quick scribbles, except mine are downright crude compared to yours. I think the whole creative process is beautiful no matter how you get there.



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