Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Secret Garden

Kaja Gjedebo's new jewellery collection is 'delicate, romantic and mysterious.'

It developed from a series of papercuts I was working on, and then I started bending them and adding layers and pearls. It has been a dream to work with it, and I will probably add some more products like bracelets and broches next year. The designs are light to wear, and sits beautifully on the neck and shoulders. - Kaja Gjedebo

And, of course, she is still making those wonderful cufflinks.


  1. Absolute wonderful!
    Love the organic design and the romantic presentation is beautiful as well!

  2. So beautiful!
    Thank you for the introduction dear Lois... :)
    Emma, x

    ps - I owe you an email, will be in touch as soon as I have a moment to put down the crocheting... :)

  3. She is a wonderful artist, very productive too ...

  4. I love her work, poetic, minimalist, I'm a fan :D

  5. So pretty and light! Love the delicate flower design.A secret garden indeed!
    Thanks for stopping by, Lois. Over here we will have quiet day together.
    Our turkey is prepped....

  6. Lois, you always find the most tempting links.



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