Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Where To Begin?

With her textile jewellery?

stitched cord necklace 

With her green jewellery?

or with her green sculptures and landart?

This is all the stunning work of Ceca Georgieva -
a textile artist working in the field of nature art. Working with natural materials not only brings me joy, but also much wisdom . In even the smallest piece of grass there is incorporated history, meaning and purpous. I constantly marvel nature. I admire and learn from her genius "installation" of design, color, smell and light ... It is a great challenge to enter in her laboratory and to be able to add my own thing.


  1. What a discovery!!!!
    I love all of her arts! Really happy you shared this, Thank you Lois!

  2. ...a fascinating artist--who spans mediums! Incredible, and beautiful.

  3. A very versatile artist. Especially her landscape art is very beautiful. Thanks for the discovery Lois!

  4. What a talented artist! Love her work! Thank you Lois :D

  5. She is talented in everything she makes! Beautiful!

  6. so exciting to see someone capable of speaking through various mediums-- and with such strength and nuance-- she really conveys her love through her materials-- which ever ones she uses. fabulous!



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