Tuesday, 13 December 2011

And This Time...

 A purple wool tweed hat

...and still playing!


  1. Your hats are beguiling, and your photos--my goodness--you are gorgeous!

    Is this a new cut in the hat, or is it the new color? It's beautiful!

  2. Thanks Dawn! The blurring and softness created by this Cross Processing app on my phone works wonders! I love it!

    No, the hat is the same shape as the others, however, this one is made from a slightly softer, finer wool. As you know, with the outside layer being larger than the inside lining, you can move the top layer around to create lots of different shapes. Because of the softer fabric this ones tends to flop? more, so more beret than turban!

  3. Mmmm ... PURPLE
    Another beautiful beret/hat Lois!



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