Thursday, 15 December 2011

Being Spontaneous!

It's never too chilly to have a picnic, especially when you are wearing this 'spontaneous picnic dress.'

Made from a table cloth, plastic bib and a kitchen towel, 'the Buttercup dress lets you have a festive meal wherever you are.'

(However, if this spontaneity is taking place in Scotland, again,  I recommend bringing a brolly, wearing a coat, a jumper, some tights, a scarf, gloves, a hat...)


  1. Funny!
    This designer couple makes beautiful things... did you see the x- bread? Thanks for showing us Lois.

  2. Oh, I am so glad you looked at their site Marion because there were so many things I wanted to talk about - two of them being the the cross stitch bread board and table. The digitally tatooed wooden table is great too!

  3. Ha! This is fun! I especially love the wine bottle handy!!!
    And your fine print....cracks me up!
    Some people have such fab imagination!

    Hope your holidays are coming along equally fine!

  4. So fun!! I love their Dov table in aluminium and Hanukit too, Brilliant! Oh and the bath chair, it looks comfortable ;-)



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