Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Burns Supper

With themes of 'woman, nature and love',  Scotland's makar, Liz Lochhead, reads Sketch by Robert Burns in celebration of Burns Night.


  1. Could not get to open it, but I tried to read it, with little success.... since his language is filled with words, hard to understand for my foreign eyes and tongue...
    But I read his biography synopsis, he died so young, only 37 years old, and yet, he was so accomplished and well loved!
    He had many children....with quite a few women, he was quite a wild guy....
    I am sure I do not do him any justice!

  2. Victoria, you have summed up Burns' life perfectly! Sorry you couldn't get to hear it - maybe if you go here

    it will work.

  3. What a coincidence… every year on January 26th we celebrate, together with The Dutch spoken part of Belgium, poetry day. Nothing to do with your Robert Burns (I think). Have a happy Burns night!

    I will try the link you gave Victoria, because the video wasn't available to me either



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