Thursday, 26 January 2012

Couture Shoes

"Marloes ten Bhömer produces shoes that are both provocative and otherworldly. Her work fuses artistic and technological experiment in order to discover shoes anew. "

made from a single piece of folded leather

made from wood and tarpaulin

Pressedleathershoe is made using a leather processing technique in which leather is soaked in water and pressed in between a two-part mould, forming it into a three-dimensional shape. The leather parts are then dried, cut and assembled into one shoe, embedding the structure that gives the shoe it’s strength. Blackpressedleathershoe is made from three preformed leather parts.

Marloes shoes can currently be seen at the Industrious|Artefacts, the evolution of crafts, an exhibition showing...
by means of current work of various designers, how historical crafts in the former Zuiderzee region have evolved and how they influence contemporary design and industrial processes... In the past few years, attention has been increasingly devoted to the design process, the action. Within that process, artists and designers create their own crafts and their own small-scale industries or artefacts.
until 12 February 2012
Zuiderzeemuseum, the Netherlands


  1. this is incredible!
    ..To wear a pair of these would make the styling not quite easy!

  2. I can imagine wearing nothing but these shoes and an extremely minimalist approach to styling. However, a feminine and elegant style would look great, too.

    I've always loved the Dutch clog influence on shoes till this day.

  3. Gorgeous and impressive work on these shoes!

  4. Surly these shoes are not meant for walking? But I do like the white shoes...
    Seems like an interesting exhibition not too far away from where I live.

  5. Lois, you find the coolest stuff to post!



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