Sunday, 29 January 2012

Early Morning on the Beach

Freezing but beautiful!


  1. You are lucky to live nearby this place. It looks elemental and beautiful!

  2. It must have been so cold ... but by the looks of this picture it was worth it!

    So good to see your new dog roam free ...

  3. This beautiful spot is called Yellowcraig and is part of the John Muir Way. Named after the 19th century conservationist John Muir, the John Muir Way is a continuous 73 km path along the coast of East Lothian.
    So after many days of gloom, the sky cleared, the sun came out but the freezing temperatures didn't stop us getting out very early to take our puppy for a run! If it hadn't been for Ada, we would probably still have been at home complaining it was too cold to go out. The promise of a stop off at the German Bakery in Gullane also helped motivate those of us less eager to have an early run on the beach!



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