Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Inspirational Designers - Celia Birtwell

Because of my love of Ossie Clark dresses,  a love of Celia Birtwell prints is an obvious given.

Photograph by Lee, Jim 1969
One time fashion collaborator and wife of Ossie Clark and muse to David Hockney,

Drawing of Celia Birtwell by David Hockney

Celia Birtwell's prints "were just as appealing as Ossie's famous 'architectural' cutting." - Celia Birtwell

Indeed, the complement of Celia Birtwell's romantic bold florals and Ossie Clarke's beautifully biased cut chiffons, silks and crepes created a very alluring twist on the inspired classic dress shapes of the 1930's and 1940's and thus making them synonymous with 'Flower Power' of the late sixties and seventies.

Jane Birkin wearing Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell
In 2006, in collaboration with the high street's Topshop, Celia Birtwell revived some of her more famous prints creating an 'affordable', 'sell-out collection'!

For me, it is the Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell dresses that appeal and so I will just keep saving...


  1. Oooh, when I saw David Hockney's drawing, I put two and two together--I had no idea she was a designer...now I've got some new inspiration...thank you, Lois!

  2. Dawn, you will probably recognise Hockney's painting "Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy" he did of Ossie and Celia.

  3. I love the hair cut in the last image too. Fab.

    Ive just seen an amazing image on tumblr which I think you may like. I hope this link works http://bit.ly/A4vRsS - talk about pure, wow.

  4. I saw a Hockney exhibit in Bonn--a retrospective, so I saw many of Ossie and Celia, in drawings and paintings. Ever since then I've been a big Hockney fan...well way before then, actually, but I've always loved these fun prints in clothes design.

  5. I always stop in the V & A to see his designs - would love to wear one!

  6. These prints are really neat Lois...



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