Friday, 20 January 2012

Negative Space - Revealing the Bespoke Process

Block Party: contemporary craft inspired by the art of the tailor

(via Fashion Link)


  1. What a fascinating world behind tailoring--I found a hand-tailored vest from the early 20th c. at a flea market 20 years ago, and I wear it to this day--it reminds me of the person (I've never met) who owned it before me--rich in culture and heritage--you cannot buy prêt á porter like this piece...and they don't make that kind of wool anymore...

  2. Recently I saw a documentary on TV about tailor made suits in the UK and also about tweeds from Scotland. Lots of castles came by, old gentlemen and the history of fabrics, all very fascinating. At some point the price for a suit was mentioned, I forgot the amount, probably was so enormous that I blocked it out... Thanks for this movie Lois!

  3. Wow! Fascinating! Thank you Lois



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