Monday, 30 January 2012

Perfect Pleats

The very beautiful work of Maryam Kordbacheh.

"Handcrafted garments originally moulded from a single length of fabric,"

"colours handmade with organic pigments or natural dyes like tea, coffee and herbs"

and collection titles like "Sexuality of Flowers", "Bloom", and "Space is Form" hinting at the fine, delicate yet sculptural shapes of Maryam's very wearable dresses.


  1. This Dutch designer does miracles with pleats! Really beautiful work, thanks for the interesting links Lois!

  2. Marion, I think I probably first got to know her work through you. Yes, really gorgeous pieces. I love to work that way to - a piece of fabric draped and folded to create shapes. She has mastered it beautifully.

  3. Her work is exquisite...and must feel like a dream on.

  4. So much sensuality and delicateness!!! and the photography is perfect, I particularly love the first and the last pictures you've chosen

  5. I thought the photographs captured the clothes beautifully too Lucie. Dreamy and provocative!



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