Monday, 23 January 2012

Work In Progress

Inspired by:

warmer days and no jacket required
dog walking and pockets for treats
aprons and layering

Material Ideas:

Cotton Poplin
Cotton Lawn


front - princess seams, pleats at waist, raglan shape sleeve, high neckline
side - side insert has hidden pockets
back - asymmetrical crossover, hem slightly higher than front, drop shoulder sleeve, gathered underskirt detail
underskirt - attached to side seams of dress - at back only.
sleeves - wide and three quarter length

Pattern, shape and construction still need work.


  1. the thought of being able to wear such floaty cool clothes is lovely, especially on such a cold day.

  2. Exciting as always to see something under construction. I'd love to see you at work!

  3. Love your work in progress. I am looking forward to springtime now!

  4. How nice to be able to see the process, Lois. Is this how you tend to work on all of your designs, hands on rather than sketches or is this after the sketch phase?
    I can't wait to see how this one comes out!

  5. This certainly looks like my kind of dress ... are you going to add large pockets?

  6. Is it what is called a muslin (une toile in french) ? Seems very promising :)

  7. Yes Betsy, this is after the sketch phase and, yes, Lucie, this is my toile.

    I am still trying to write and take photos of this part of the process for a blog post! But basically, this part for me is a combination of using my 'block pattern' pieces to create the pattern pieces I need and also draping on my tailor's dummy. I constantly add details such as pleats, darts etc. or take them away. It is during this process that other shapes and ideas come so this toile can end up looking nothing like my sketch. I also use the toiles to work out how I am going to construct the garment, finish the seams etc.. I then take the toile apart and transfer it to a paper pattern piece - and then make another toile...



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