Monday, 6 February 2012

Black Tulle Jacket

Quickly snapped during the final fit, the black tulle jacket meets all the requirements:

a stylish, elegant 'cover up' for a pretty gorgeous dress.

Hope to list this in my shop soon.


  1. Exciting to see this paired with a dress...breathtaking!

  2. Forgot to mention that we went with the shorter length. And many thanks to my friend - these photos don't really show how stunning she looks in her dress and jacket.

  3. Very exceptional and elegant jacket Lois!

  4. Stunning jacket Lois! So very chic!

  5. The jacket looks beautiful!
    The dress underneath looks very interesting...
    Is that a 13threads design as well?

  6. wow, This really makes a robe out of every dress!

  7. I am really pleased with how the jacket turned out and with your great feedback, as always, thank you, I will be making more - fabric has been purchased!!

    Erica, the dress underneath is amazing and that's why it was tricky to make a 'cover up' for the arms without covering up the wonderful detail and shape of the dress. Unfortunately, the dress is not one of mine...but it has given me a few ideas!!



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