Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Linen Jacket With Blouse Attached

 A plaid of grey, brown and light blue, this linen jacket awaits the ice melting and those heavy layers tossed aside.

A fold detail and strip hook and eye fastener lie just above the bust line,

the tight fitting sleeves have a folded detail down the middle,

 the skirt of the jacket has extra flare at the sides and hangs slightly lower at the front

 and a loose insert attached to the inside of the jacket can be fastened down the front creating the perfect top to wear under the jacket and thus making extra layers optional!


  1. Love the shape of this jacket! And the texture too!!! And your photography, I love the movement of the first picture very much!!

  2. Thank you...I wasn't very happy with the photos - not how I pictured them in my mind - so I was going to redo them before listing this in my shop. However, it is a very dark, very wet morning today and since you think they look ok, I will go ahead and use them. Thanks again for the great feedback!

  3. Great idea Lois, the loose insert inside the jacket!



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