Monday, 13 February 2012

Textile Waste

What to do with the left over pieces of fabric after cutting out your pattern?

  • A recent email to me from an MA student in Fashion and Environment at London College of Fashion stated that they were looking for left over felt to make shoes for a project that would not only call attention to the UK Wool Industry but would also "explicate how Fashion-forward design can be created from something originally seen as 'imperfect' (remnants/waste)." 

  • According to Kristel Erga, "the fashion industry discards as much textile as it uses." So she has been turning the scraps from fellow Norwegian fashion designer Leila Hafzi, into these gorgeous "zero-waste magnetic wallpaper tiles." - The Observer Magazine

  • Me? I've been turning my left-overs into hats!

Do you have any waste felt, or over overproduction that may be able to contribute to our project? Or would you be interested in collaborating with our project and sponsoring our felt use?
Also, are you aware of any 100 percent wool felt producers in the UK? 
- Fashion And Environment, London College of Fashion
 Let me know and I will forward email details.


  1. These are great and I love the idea of making out of scraps. Inspiring.

  2. fabulous idea!
    I think with this on my wall I would play the whole day!

  3. Wonderful idea! Wishing good luck to her and the project!

  4. This is great!
    Precious things can be made from little!

  5. We melt our scratch and start all over again... to make another piece of jewelry.



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