Thursday, 15 March 2012

Extraordinary Gentlemen

A collaboration with stylist Alister Mackie and artist duo LucyandBart, Nick Knight's latest fashion film captures a series of hand-crafted handicraft homages to the extreme volumes and textures that characterise the best of twenty-first century menswear - SHOWstudio


  1. I'll say this movie is the opposite of minimalism! Intriging ...

  2. I love that!!! Magnificent!!!
    Thank you Lois to share your sources!!! :D

  3. The Fashion Body films are also worth a look

    "The Fashion Body sought to explore and celebrate the human body through a unique combination of fashion and moving image. Over thirty fashion creatives were challenged to contribute a personal and distinctive fashion film to the season, each focusing on a different area of the human body and using fashion items to adorn it"



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