Tuesday, 20 March 2012

"A Fusion of Fashion, Art and Human Culture"

10Q Nature - an homage to the natural world

10Q History - an homage to the past

and the Balls of Maria

Maria was born in 1928 in the Trentino mountains and spent her life farming and rearing cows.She was very catholic and she was passionate about knitting. Her speciality was to create socks using the recycled thread of old woollen pullovers. They say that she used to wear fancy socks with checked toes, one color on the ankle and pinstriped on the knee. Thereby using such bizzare colours and unusual and odd matches. B.O.M. collection is born as a homage to this strong creativity and deep link with the simplicity of the past.

Cristian Dorigatti's collections are handmade from vintage natural rubber and vintage balls of thread.


  1. Great images. You have such a good eye for finding inspiring work.

  2. Magnificent photos! I like the tribute to Maria!



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