Saturday, 24 March 2012

Not Exactly Spring Like

The wearing of a warm Harris Tweed skirt and a layered jacket with added hat, gloves and scarf would be the perfect outfit today to ward off Edinburgh's thick fog and chilly temperature. 


  1. This is really haute couture ! gorgeous!
    ..and I like the Photo design!

  2. Outstanding Lois!! Beautiful outfit and I love that skirt!

  3. Well, if you ask me, I'd say it's never too early to plan for fall...and this is crème de la crème! Plus, it is still quite cool here.

  4. Very nice tweed skirt Lois! Is the color of the fabric more blue or green? We all are spoiled by this beautiful weather but I am sure this tweed skirt can still come in handy in the coming weeks ...

  5. Thank you for great feedback. Now I just need to make a Spring version...

    The skirt is quite a striking blue with lots of black in it. Photos don't really show the colour very well.



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