Monday, 2 April 2012

My Dog Ate My Glasses

Now this is the best excuse yet for my lack of sewing...

but it did make me cry!!


  1. Oh, that little beast....
    Hope you can have it fixed soon!

  2. Victoria, this is the second time!! What you don't see in the photo are all the little teeth marks on the lenses and frame. Without them, I can't see a stitch...

  3. I'm so sorry for laughing--this sounds like a catastrophe, but your title to this blogpost put a huge grin on my face...I would have cried, too.

  4. The title to your blogpost reminds me of the title of a book ... "The man who mistook his wife for a hat" by Olivar Sacks. Thats absurd and does not make sence but that's why like Dawn I had to laugh too ...

    Oh, my what disaster looks like you have to buy new glasses ...

  5. I think Oliver Sacks would have found my break down at the sight of my glasses sticking out of Ada's mouth definitely worthy of further study! However, I am glad to report that my glasses are now, once again thanks to my optician, in one piece. I am ignoring the scratches for the moment...but still not getting any sewing done. Today's excuse appears to be the snowstorm taking place outside my window!!

  6. Ouch! Your dog really left a mark there, huh? But it's good to see that your glasses are in one piece.

    Sam Times



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