Monday, 30 April 2012

Out of Fashion

Out of Fashion is a project by three young photographers 'who share an interest in fashion as a form of art, craft and communication.'
Each of them approaches the subject from a different point of view. Questions about identity, memory and portrayal of women are raised, as well as discussion about the ethics of over consumption of fashion and its consequences on our lives and on the environment. 
Through her project The Memory of My Wardrobe, Ida Taavitsainen looks at 'fashion and the fashion system as something more than just a superficial act of consuming.'

Part One: Story Telling

Untitled (red dress) 

Years ago, my great grandmother handed over her old garment to my mother. Its function was never quite clear - did she wear it as a housecoat or a dress? 
I do not know, but for as long as I can remember it’s been hanging in my mother’s wardrobe, forgotten. One day, when I had nothing to wear, I took it out, shortened the hem and decided that from now on it was my dress.

Untitled (tweed suit)

My grandfather bought the fabric in Scotland, my grandmother designed the suit and her loyal seamstress made it for her. It was one of my grandmother’s favourite suits. She wore it for many years at lunches and receptions when she had to look presentable.
I decided to continue the tradition, and am loyal to my grandmother in that I’ve also worn the suit or jacket at occasions when I’ve needed to look presentable.

Untitled (scout shirt)

I didn’t even know he had been a scout until I found his old shirt.

Part Two: Absent Bodies
Camilla 2011

Mimi, 2011

Momi II, 2011

Out of Fashion magazine will be published in London and Helsinki and an exhibition showcasing this work will be held at the Myymala2 Gallery Helsinki later this year.


  1. Very interesting approach!

  2. I like the idea that our clothes are made to last and mean something to us, not just a fashion statement, and thus have history, a story to tell. I think this would be a good blog post project!!

  3. I like Ida Taavitsainen's small photo essays on pieces of clothing she loves and wears. These are pieces of our lives, somehow, and I would love to see a blog post project among any blogger who wishes to participate. I know I would...

  4. Me too, Dawn! And I already know which item I would pick...

  5. Great post! I would also love to see that blog post project...and I think I would also be interested in participating!



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