Friday, 27 April 2012

A Work In Progress

The hem and facings need to be finished. A kilt pin will hold the front closed...or a lovely Big Brooch would work beautifully! Pockets need to be positioned and stitched.

The pockets are big and loose - like flaps - and don't really follow the front line of the jacket.  A pocket coming in from the side would probably have made for a more 'streamlined' look but I wanted the pockets to look like a little bag but without the strap getting in the way.

Still working on skirt!


  1. Love this jacket Lois! Great work, will keep my eyes on the store for the listing...

  2. I love the way the fabric fall and drapes!

  3. Those big pockets are just great Lois! I like the way they are positioned very much, very nice idea! Thanks for mentioning my big brooches.

  4. It already looks incredible. I love it!



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