Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Inspired by 'The Memory of My Wardrobe'

I like Ida Taavitsainen's small photo essays on pieces of clothing she loves and wears. These are pieces of our lives, somehow, and I would love to see a blog post project among any blogger who wishes to participate. I know I would... Dawn of La Touchables
The Memory of My Wardrobe by Ida Taavitsainen

Untitled (American dress)
After the war there was a shortage of everything necessary, including pretty summer dresses. Luckily help was sent from America.
I’ve had the dress for years, but I’ve hardly ever worn it. It’s so fragile I’m scared I’ll lose it.

If you do feel like participating, please send me a link to your blog post (or your photo and story) as I would love to share.

Original post about Ida Taavitsainen's project


  1. That's marvelous of you, Lois! I'm going into my closet and looking now...will post a blogpost, mentioning Ida's and your inspiration, and let you know! Thanks for taking the iniative!

  2. I will do the same, just give me a few days....great initiative! Thanks!!!

  3. Yes, I need a day or two...but have ideas already...

  4. Yes, this may take me some time to do too...

  5. Count me in as well!!! Brilliant idea! :D Perfect, I was just thinking of a spring sorting in my wardrobe, now it would be archeology!

  6. Not sure if the garment I have in mind will fit in but I let you know when it is on my blog!

  7. Hello Lois, here is the link to my blogpost about the "Out of fashion Project"
    http://thelateststory.com/2012/05/03/out-of-fashion-a-project/ thanks so much for this fun idea!



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