Sunday, 6 May 2012

Still 'Out of Fashion'

The word “fashion” is synonymous with trends, fads, immediacy and a fleeting exercise of life in the moment. Yet in the very ebb and flow of fashion’s passing fancy, an accumulation of lives, stories and materials collects into an ambivalent history. South Eastern Center for Contemporary Art

Out of Fashion artist, Stephanie Liner's work 'explores the connection between the human body and architecture, specifically the relationship between Interior and Exterior.' Using traditional methods and materials associated with the declining furniture and textile industry of the Southern United States, Stephanie's work looks at and questions the connections between 'decorative interiors, sexuality, gender and architecture.'  

Formally, the use of historical floral patterns, feminine colors, Queen Anne details, and ornate trimming elaborate on the idea of femininity and the decorative while the use of upholstery and carpentry techniques and furniture framing speak to the traditional masculine.  I adopt these specialized, craft-based skills that have until recently formed the identity of the furniture and textile belt, both to preserve them and question their impact. - Stephanie Liner

Momentos of a Doomed Construct
4 May 2012- 30 June 2012


  1. What great shapes ... do you think the hatches somehow refers to "peep shows"?

  2. There is a certain sexual implication...

  3. I've been enjoying your posts Lois-- and what fantastic whimsy and cunning here in these pieces and yes... definitely a sexual implication! humorous and completely arresting.



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