Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tunic Dress With A Twist

Another version of my tunic dress but with a twist at the bottom.

This version is made from a very fine cotton voile with a silk crepe lining.

The front and back neckline have a fold detail.

This dress is a small size so sits too tight for me across the bust and you can see! Larger sizes to follow.


  1. Beautiful, Lois--I love the fine details--that skirt!!!

  2. Perfect dress and stunning pictures!!

  3. Aah ... a new design! The fold detail at the neckline is just beautiful and that twist is very special ...

  4. Again, thank you for kind comments. Next step is to make it in a bigger size!

    Thanks for comment on photos Erica - lighting was perfect yesterday so they were quick and easy to do and I think capture the shape and folds of the dress quite well.

  5. This dress is absolutely exquisite Lois-- I'm smitten-- that gathering at the neck and twisting hem and the flow of it... oh oh oh!! ( and the white voile-- couldn't be more perfect)

  6. Love this!! Especially with boots!!

  7. How could I have missed that one!!! Amazing, j'adore le twist!! so chic and unique!



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