Friday, 1 June 2012

It's Friday...

A purple dress with pockets


  1. Wow!! amazing picture indeed and gorgeous dress & sandals!!

  2. Thank you Lucie and has been a good work week!
    I was having trouble with the light today so I decided to stand in the window on my son's desk. I liked the effect and it was all going well until the table started to wobble!
    This was a difficult dress to photograph as the dress looks better when you are moving in it...

  3. ...moving or not, this is beautiful! I love the purple color, and the dipping line of the are on a roll of creativity, and it is inspiring to me.

  4. Thank you Dawn. Truthfully I haven't been doing anything else but sew this week. So time to catch up on my blog reading and then make a couple of custom orders then hopefully back to creating a few new pieces.

  5. I think this one may be my favorite one yet!



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