Thursday, 28 June 2012

Light Installations

acrylic paint on existing architecture, hardwood flooring, wood stain, varnish
In the site-specific series Light Installations, light and shadow from nearby windows
seem to be raking the walls of the gallery. The illusion, however, is a hand-painted
trompe l’oeil shard, often situated in rooms with little or no natural light.
"Corner Light, French Gothic"
acrylic paint on 6 MDF panels, hardwood floor, stain, urethane
In this work I rely on the viewers knowledge and memory of light intersecting space to raise questions of belief and doubt
"South Light for a Cloudy Day"
acrylic paint on existing architecture
...these paintings celebrate the pleasure of trying to understand those things just outside the grasp of physical intelligence.
- Light Installations by Mary Temple

(via alecshao)


  1. I would enjoy seeing how the image changes with a change in the human position. Also to see it at night or on a cloudy day. Quite fascinating!

  2. Incredible beautiful and intriguing … it almost looks like it is projected ...

  3. It reminds me when I was a child I was fascinated by the shades and play of light from the windows or shutters half closed, especially during summer...this artist materializes this magic!

  4. So intriguing! Love it when we see the tangible and the non-tangible overlap! Thank you for sharing :)



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