Monday, 9 July 2012

Before We Sink

...or maybe float off to warmer waters,

Some of the flooding in the park

I hope you are dry and have had a chance to see the sun in the last two weeks!!
I have been taking a little break lately in order to spend some time with friends visiting from Iceland and to rest and repair some cracked ribs! No, I have no idea how it happened!

Like our Summer, I hope to be back very soon x


  1. Gosh--Lois, hugs to you! I know we get a lot of the rains you've been having, too. And the cracked ribs--ouch! XO

  2. We were pretty lucky with the weather in the past week, wish you all the best with your ribs!

  3. Hope you are ok again soon! Take care and enjoy the summer although it´s raining!

  4. Just adding best wishes for a speedy recovery. Cracked ribs, hmm? Somebody must have hugged you tightly..... : )))
    We have another hot week behind us and a little rain today, but nothing like you guys!
    Hope the floods subside fast!

  5. )))))
    )))))hope your ribs are better, the weather has been nice for 2 days . . .
    have fun and lets hope that is the start of our late summer x

  6. oh, hope your ribs are healed now and you are doing well. love the photos of the dog attacking you in your gorgeous dress xx



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