Thursday, 23 August 2012

Still Making Summer Dresses...

Although the temperatures are starting to drop, I am not ready to give up on Summer dresses just yet.

The fabric is a mix of cotton and silk, extremely soft and semi sheer. Knowing that this dress would require a slip to be worn underneath, I cut the back just above the bra/slip line.

The top edge of the skirt is unfinished and will slightly fray. And there are side pockets.

And after my walk this morning, I think maybe it would look good with a pair of leggings and a cardi!


  1. Lois what lovely dress ... and beautiful fabric, it really looks like a water color painting ...
    Yes the hot weather is over, this was the last day in shorts I am afraid. Glad you are back and sewing great dresses again.

  2. I think I am in love. I've always wanted one of your dresses, but I'm the wrong body type (boy-ish, no waist, no breasts, broad shoulders and short legs) But I so want to look like you, Lois...just stunning and feminine! Your dresses are the ones I'd buy in another lifetime.

  3. this is absolutely s t u n n i n g! Being able to create something pretty but also stylish and chic is a real gift. I bet it makes you feel really happy wearing it (especially if it was warmer than it is today). The photos are art in themselves. I love the angles, the movement and the positioning of every shot. Brilliant!

  4. I'm all for dragging out summer for as long as possible, and this dress makes you wish for eternal summer! Gorgeous, Lois!



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